Future of farming: AI, IoT, drones, and more (free PDF)

By 2024, the Earth’s population will total more than 8 billion for the first time in history, adding new stresses on the global supply chain, which is already challenged by a volatile climate and water supply shortages.

To meet future food demands, farmers are implementing innovative tech solutions.

For example, IBM researchers are working on solutions that tap artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud-connected devices at every step of the food supply chain. New IoT systems are helping monitor the health of beehives to ensure the security of the world’s food supply.

Farmers are also implementing new technology such as diagnostic drones, which can disperse pesticide and fertilizer to rice fields in Japan and using AI-enhanced robotic harvesters, complete with enhanced dexterity, to tackle crops of various shapes and sizes.

Read more about these innovations in farm tech and more in this free PDF ebook from TechRepublic.

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