Future-Proof Your Ransomware Defenses

Ransomware is here, and it’s not going away. Criminals are making money at an alarming rate with little resistance. There have been more ransomware variants in the last 18 months than all of the 29 previous years. By using ransomware, cyber criminals have had a free run at organizations’ critical data.

In addition, ransomware variants are implementing new, innovative techniques that employ unknown binaries and non-malware tactics to evade and bypass traditional defenses. Their encryption techniques go beyond simple files and shares to make it even harder to restore using backups and their targets are increasingly becoming organizations with much more to lose (and more money to payout) than individuals.

Stopping ransomware requires a defense-in-depth approach; there is no silver bullet to security. Software alone is not the answer. IT and SecOps teams must build a strategy that combines user training, next-generation endpoint security, and backup operations.

Every strategy should start with the simplest, most immediate risk-mitigation techniques available in order to limit the attack surface, such as next-generation antivirus and strong spam filtering. Concurrently, user training and backup infrastructures should be evaluated, implemented, and practiced.

Cb Defense is the most effective and easy-to-use next-generation antivirus solution available – and the only one proven to stop ransomware variants, such as “Locky.”

In this eBook, we answer the questions: “What is ransomware?,” “How does it work?” and “What can I do to better protect my organization?” We also dive into a recent variant of ransomware – “Locky” – and review case studies from Carbon Black customers that have stopped ransomware in its tracks.

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