Gifts for gadget lovers: Top picks (free PDF)

Gadget gifts are a lot more fun to pick out than, say, a bathrobe or a toaster oven. This ebook offers 15 cool products that will appeal to the gadget fans on your holiday gift list.

From the ebook:

Owl Car Cam
Dash cams are gaining in popularity. The Owl Car Cam features dual-facing HD cameras, remote video access, a 14-day loop, and voice capture. $349

Kingston Nucleum
Kingston’s Nucleum allows you to use your favorite mouse, monitor, and accessories with your new notebook. With a single USB-C hub you can connect up to seven devices at once and keep your creativity flowing. With the Nucleum you can also power up your MacBook while running your external hard drive and charging an iPhone. $79.99

ZEEQ Smart Pillow
Give this gift to a snorer at your own risk. The ZEEQ Smart Pillow has eight integrated wireless speakers, motion tracking sensors, and an internal microphone tuned to the frequency of snoring. It tracks sleep, streams music and audio books, and issues a subtle vibration when snoring is detected. $199.99

Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer
Harry Potter fans come in all ages. Lifeprint has a new Harry Potter Magic Photo and Video Printer that can print videos from social media sites. It allows users to make their face to look like Mad-Eye Moody, play around with colorful Spectrespecs, try on different Death Eater masks, and show their Hogwarts spirit with House scarves. The printer requires no ink to print and all photos are printed on 2- by 3-inch “sticky backed” paper. $149.99

Weatherman connected umbrella
Weatherman is designed to ensure that you’ll never forget your umbrella again. It connects to an app, so it alerts you in advance if rain is forecast. There’s also an embedded tracker chip by Pebblebee, so you’ll always know where it is. It comes in a collapsible version and one for golfers. Oh, and the name? It was designed by former Fox News meteorologist Rick Reichmuth. Prices range from $59 to $65.

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