Green tech initiatives: Best practices and breakthroughs (free PDF)

In honor of Earth Day 2018, this ebook offers a collection of advice, insights, and use cases that demonstrate how individuals, industries, enterprises, and communities are implementing programs and developing technologies to improve energy efficiency and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

From the ebook:

The Internet of Things (IoT) has spread to office buildings around the world: 35% of companies said they are currently gathering or have plans to gather data on their building about lighting, HVAC, and system controls, according to 451 Research.

The number one priority for building-level IoT is optimizing operations (76%), including through preventive maintenance and reducing downtime, 451 Research found. The second priority is reducing risk (61%), through compliance or security, perhaps with security badges, video cameras, and field analytics.

The top IoT project in professional buildings is lighting, according to Christian Renaud, research director of the IoT practice at 451 Research. Companies looking to move to LED lights often come across smart lighting options, such as lights that turn on with motion detection or those that interact with an employee’s phone so that when they enter their office, a certain light setting comes on.

HVAC, building management systems, and security access control IoT projects are also common in offices. Security might include location tracking for safety or offering company network access that differs depending on where you log in from, Renaud said.

Other projects depend largely on industry. For example, many grocery store chains have added IoT sensors to refrigerators, which are costly to keep running.

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