Guide to Hyper Automation

We are in a time of crisis, as a pandemic wreaks havoc on human health and the global economy, strategic planning becomes even more valuable, not only for escaping the current one but for being better positioned for the next.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, big changes were underway in enterprise software. Corporations had become deeply reliant on software applications to automate their essential behaviours. Those applications, in turn, were stubbornly hard to update or modify.

Automation means bringing human and digital workers together in the same workflow. Hyper Automation is automation at speed. It’s a combination of technologies that allow faster application authorship (like low-code and no-code) and automation technologies that coordinate different worker types.

Download this eBook to learn how Hyper Automation can help you build new tools to meet the demands of the moment, whether it’s a financial crisis, pandemic, or both.

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