Healthcare’s Journey to The Cloud: Unified Communications as a Service

Healthcare has been slow to adopt cloud computing and XaaS (anything as a service). Yet unifi ed
communication as a service (UCaaS) can bring signifi cant benefi ts that improve patient care, streamline
operations, lower total cost of ownership, and support new facilities and types of services such as telemedicine
and other digital health initiatives.

As healthcare systems begin to incorporate digital health solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, web
conferencing, and telemedicine, the need for reliable, anytime, anywhere communications only grows.
communications is vital to improved outcomes and increased patient satisfaction. UCaaS managed by CBTS,
for example, makes patient test results available in a timelier manner, which minimizes delays in patient care and
enhances overall quality of care. The availability of comprehensive communications options among caregivers
also enables hospitals and other healthcare facilities to offer new services – such as distance consults, digital
medicine solutions, and in-home monitoring – that expand services while simultaneously improving healthcare
system efficiency and enhancing patient satisfaction.The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare
Providers and Systems survey show that patients’ ability to access accurate, current information quickly and
easily is a key determinant of patient satisfaction.

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