High-end holiday tech gifts: The top picks (free PDF)

If you get the urge to splurge this holiday season, the big-ticket items on this list might be right up your alley. How about a Digital Paper device? Or maybe a robo pup? This ebook rounds up a dozen upscale possibilities worth checking out.

From the ebook:

Sony Digital Paper
Sony has released the new version of its Digital Paper device in a new, smaller 10.3-inch size. It features high-resolution E Ink capacitive touch displays and comes with 16GB of memory, Wi-Fi, and a stylus. It’s highly functional and can be connected via PC or Mac to a projector. The contents on the Digital Paper screen can be displayed to an audience, including real-time markups and handwriting. It’s ideal for heavy reading of thesis documents and more. $600

Sony aibo First Litter Edition
Here’s the perfect pooch—no housetraining accidents, no chewed slippers, and no fur left around your home. Sony’s aibo First Litter Edition is an all-in-one bundle that includes the robo-pup, a three-year AI Cloud Plan, pink ball, aibone, paw pads, and aibo’s special charging station, as well as an individually numbered commemorative dog tag. $2,899.99

Apple Watch Series 4—Hermes Edition
The new Apple Watch Series 4 is here, and the Hermes Edition is definitely a splurge at $1,399. It comes in the 40mm size only.

Huawei smartwatch
Huawei’s 42mm stainless steel smartwatch in gold is available for $749.99 at Best Buy in an unlocked version.

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