How Automation Helps IT go From Putting out Fires to Igniting Innovation

IT equips the business with the transformational technologies to do amazing new things. That’s its mission. IT helps the business find smarter, faster, more innovative ways of working. It helps different departments automate the flow of information and workflows across the enterprise. It’s a big job.

But what about IT’s work? How much of it is automated, beyond python scripts and cron jobs?

IT leaders may think they’ve automated everything they can. But have they? Automation keeps evolving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. In IT’s constant rush to deploy new technology, maintain existing tools and systems, and get users answers and support, it can be hard to take time and apply the same problem-solving mindset to its own work. Shouldn’t technology also make IT’s job easier?

The answer is ‘yes.’ And here’s a quick look at how to do it.

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