How imposter syndrome is infecting the workplace (free PDF)

Imposter syndrome is a common problem that can affect people in a multitude of different ways. This ebook provides expert advice about why imposter syndrome persists in the workforce and how to prevent it from consuming your life. It also includes articles about how imposter syndrome effects the gender gap and types of imposter syndrome, as well as practical tips for how managers can boost employee confidence.

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Imposter syndrome, or the feeling of not being good enough or qualified for a certain task, can be a debilitating experience for professionals. The majority (70%) of people will experience feelings of imposter syndrome at some point in their lives, reported

These feelings can be even more pronounced in women, according to Pauline Clance, who first determined imposter syndrome to be a clinical issue. But the lasting effects of imposter syndrome can be detrimental to all, noted.

Imposter syndrome can lead to elevated stress, increased anxiety, poor performance at work, and setbacks in career progression, found. However, imposter syndrome doesn’t affect every individual in the same manner.

Based on Valerie Young’s research, which identifies five distinct ways imposter syndrome sufferers tend to experience the phenomenon, re- created a flow chart to help people handle their imposter syndrome.

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