How to get the most from Apple’s free productivity apps: 9 tips (free PDF)

Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote tools are a lot more powerful than their streamlined interfaces would suggest. And thanks to iCloud integration, they also facilitate cross-platform collaboration. This ebook highlights what these apps have to offer and explains how to accomplish the most common tasks.

From the ebook:

Apple’s Pages is a free word processing tool whose iCloud integration and numerous features make it a worthy replacement for Microsoft Word, thereby lowering your office’s tech expenses. If you’re new to Pages or you’re considering reducing your company’s Word dependency, these three Pages tips will come in handy.
Master the basics

Pages is a deceptively powerful word processing program. Load Pages and the first thing you’ll notice is that the user interface is strikingly clean. While the app appears simple, due to the lack of repetitive rows of icons and a dizzying array of options, it can fulfill most offices’ word processing needs.

The trick is knowing where commonly used functions are in Pages, as most users are understandably familiar with where those functions are located in Microsoft Word. Here’s a list of basic operations to get you up to speed.

  • Change font attributes: Change fonts, font sizes, and styles by clicking the Format icon or highlighting the text you want to change and confirming the Format icon is selected, which ensures that the formatting Inspector menu appears on the program’s right side. Alternatively, you can click Format from the top menu and select Font.
  • Adjust text alignment: As with changing font attributes, click the Format icon or select the text to adjust and click the Format icon to display the formatting window, which also lists text alignment options. Alternatively, you can click Format from the top menu and select Text.
  • Use bullets and lists: Add bullets and lists using the Format toolbar, which appears to the right of the screen whenever you click the Format icon.
  • Insert a table: Insert a table by clicking the Table icon that appears at the top of the Pages app. Alternatively, you can click Insert on the top menu and select Table.

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