Internet of Things: Progress, risks, and opportunities (free PDF)

IoT has made tremendous inroads into consumer lifestyles and business operations. This ebook introduces the basics of IoT and covers the most prominent trends and use cases, from health care to manufacturing to transportation technology.

From the ebook:

For the last five years, technology pundits have been talking about how cloud computing, big data, and security will reinvent IT architecture and thinking. But companies move at different rates than pundits do, so while IT architecture has changed, change has often come about informally and incrementally—and not as part of any long-range strategic plan.

However, IoT—with its reliance on edge computing—is a different story, because edge computing takes you away from the central data centers and data repositories that characterize traditional IT architecture. Corporate security governance must also be extended in new ways to the edges of the enterprise and different types of clouds and on-premises systems must be able to seamlessly and securely exchange information.

In this new world, strong middleware that can automate integration between systems, clouds, and on-premises systems is critical. So is awareness of all your company’s IT assets and the ability to fail over systems if disaster recovery becomes necessary.

How can IT leaders ensure that they’re covering all the bases when they implement IoT? Here are five best practices.

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