Iowa caucus app fiasco: How it happened and lessons learned (free PDF)

Chaos broke out as the world expected the outcome of the Iowa caucuses on the evening of February 3, 2020. The cause: A faulty smartphone app designed for reporting the results.

The confusion delayed the announcement of a winner in the first nominating contest of the 2020 US presidential election.

The Iowa caucuses are the first major contests of the 2020 election season, crucial for presidential candidates aiming to gain momentum as they seek the Democratic nomination.

What role did technology failures play in the Iowa caucus? What lessons can we learn from this fiasco? TechRepublic, ZDNet, and CNET have been covering the news all along, and here is a compilation of the latest information and what you need to know in this free PDF download ebook.

In the ebook:

  • Iowa caucus app debacle: What went wrong?
  • Why shortcuts lead to failure: Lessons from app disaster in Iowa caucus
  • Iowa caucus impacted by untested app and no training for volunteers
  • The postmortem: Shadow took lots of shortcuts with Iowa 2020 caucus app
  • Iowa caucus app fiasco highlights need for IT best practices
  • And more!

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