IT Performance Management Handbook for CIOs

Over the course of years, most operations manage to patch together all of the disparate systems that provide line-of-business support. While many organizations migrate older systems to newer solutions regularly, every business always has a mix of legacy systems that must interoperate with more modern tech. Any years-old environment is going to have many interconnection points, with severely limited visibility into what is happening at any of those points. That level of situational blindness prevents IT from maturing beyond a reactive, inefficient crew that puts out fires as they flare up.

IT and the data center can no longer be thought of as separate from the rest of the business. Now more than ever, your IT operation – and the infrastructure that delivers apps to internal and external users – is your business. So when you improve your situational awareness, you help the company meet challenges head-on. End-to-end IT infrastructure monitoring helps you reduce overspending, prevent slowdowns, reduce downtime, unify vendors, and maximize performance – all of which benefit the entire business.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Performance Management Handbook,” a guide for C-level executives designed to help you understand the benefits of IT infrastructure performance management (IPM) and why investing in it is a smart move for your company.

  • Learn how to stop overspending by diagnosing performance rather than buying hardware as a bandage for SLAs. Prevent slowdowns by seeing in detail exactly where bottlenecks are taking place. Provide clarity by tracking down behavior problems between legacy and new technology.
  • Explore ways to reduce downtime by generating real-time reports that illustrate data paths and server workloads, enabling you to identify and remediate bottlenecks and oversubscribed resources. Unify vendors by generating a consolidated and aggregated view of each component and how it contributes to the solution as a whole.
  • Discover how to maximize performance by finding just the right tweaks and adjustments to get the most out of your infrastructure.

Be sure to read “IT Performance Management Handbook for CIOs,” a comprehensive guide to how each of these challenges can be addressed using VirtualWisdom4 from Virtual Instruments, and see how you can provide a previously unavailable level of strategic intelligence to your IT teams and a performance boost to your business operations.

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