IT pro’s road map to working remotely (free PDF)

Many employees choose to work from home. After all, who wouldn’t want to be devoid of time-consuming commutes and workplace gossip, and also face fewer interruptions from colleagues and better control of their work-life balance–and best yet–work in pajamas all day?

Whether you are an employee looking for remote work, or an executive managing a team of remote employees, understanding how to build an employer-employee-work-from-home relationship that benefits both parties is essential for success.

TechRepublic has been covering the topic of remote work. This free PDF download provides what you need to know about working remotely and how to best manage remote workers.

In the download:

  • The 10 rules found in every good remote work policy
  • Why remote work has grown by 159% since 2005
  • Find out the 26 remote jobs with salaries of $100K or more
  • Top 5 careers for remote workers
  • Best practices: The top 13 ways to manage remote employees
  • What working remotely means for Baby Boomers’ retirement plans
  • How to find a mentor as a remote worker: 5 tips
  • And more!

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