IT Security 101: Think Like a Cybercriminal

Getting Inside the Mind of a Cybercriminal

Many of the best fictional detectives employ a strikingly similar method when it comes to tracking down the perpetrator; they get inside the head of the bad guy.

Understanding how the threat landscape is maturing, is equally important when it comes to the very real world of IT security. Only by thinking the same as the bad guys can the good guys ensure that systems and data are adequately protected.

Let’s use malware as an example of how a network breach can escalate. While malware is without a doubt the number one attack vector for the cybercriminal, that it is far from the “be all and end all” on the motivational matrix. Attackers are increasingly using malware as a vehicle to move beyond access to user data. Their goal is privilege escalation within the network in order to gain further access and control over more systems and data.

Employing the right change management and access policy management tools is essential. Remember, user data is valuable but system control is priceless.

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