Meet the Mid-sized Business Experts

TechRepublic is excited to share with you the latest insights from the mid-sized business experts at Dell Technologies.

For nearly a year Jason Bradbury has been (virtually) meeting the people who are driving change for organisations up and down the UK. As he has discovered, change is indeed the only constant.

Whether that’s from unpredictable external forces like the COVID-19 pandemic, or from the relentless march of technological progress. If there was one common thread to the discussions he has had, it’s been agility. His guests all agreed that mid-sized businesses often exhibit incredible adaptability in challenging circumstances.

But they were also excited about the developments – both commercial and technological – that will help these firms turn flexibility into a competitive advantage going forward. This eBook provides you with a sample of the topics Jason covered in the podcasts. But I invite you to listen to the full episodes where you’ll get a sense of the brilliant people he has met on this journey.

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