Ransomware Defense for Dummies

Ransomware must be prevented when possible, detected when it attempts to breach a network, and contained to limit potential damage when it infects systems and endpoints. Ransomware defense calls for a new best-of-breed architectural approach that spans the organization from the network edge of the domain name system (DNS) layer, all the way to the data center and across endpoint devices, no matter where they are being used.

Updated for 2020, the 2nd edition of Cisco Umbrella’s popular Ransomware Defense For Dummies eBook explores the top cyber security best practices to reduce ransomware risks.

Ransomware Defense For Dummies consists of 5 short chapters that explore:

  • How it operates and its defining characteristics
  • Cyber security best practices to reduce risks
  • A new best-of-breed network security architecture
  • The Cisco Ransomware Defense solution
  • Important defense takeaways
  • Download it now to get these useful insights.

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