Ransomware: prevention is better than the cure (Dutch)

From 2019 onwards, we witnessed a major shift from
attackers to begin targeting large organizations that
deliver emergency and life saving services or business
critical services that have an outsized role across society
or broad business verticals.

In the organizations that are
targeted, time spent mitigating a ransomware event
could have a significant impact not only monetarily, but
also on the lives and well-being of many people.

Current approaches to ransomware center around
detection and response. The major challenge for organizations in this scenario is
Dwell Time – that time between endpoint compromise
and detection and response. So how are we able to predict with such efficacy and

Deep Instinct scans, predicts, and prevents any
never before seen malicious malware or files, like
ransomware, and stops the threat before it executes.
This means that ransomware does not have the
opportunity to enter the network and organizations
will not have to worry about having their files
encrypted or exfiltrated.

Whatever your existing security investments (AV, MTD, EDR or others), Deep Instinct can help make these
more effective. Find out now how Deep Instinct is applying end-to-end deep learning to cybersecurity.

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