Reimagining the Employee Experience with Fujitsu

Your Automation Psychology And Roadmap Just Shifted Gears

Someone is going to make a fortune one day soon authoring the definitive book about how COVID-19 transformed business technology. There have been so many dramatic changes, so quickly, that it should be a gripping read.

Just look around you. Your organization, was not designed to cope with a major global pandemic, let alone to prosper. Perhaps you were affected in the last few months by the contradictory forces of heavily disrupted supply chains, alongside peaks in customer demand. COVID-19 has broken the formal and informal workforce ecosystems.

Imagine a world where…

  • Businnesses would anticipate & solve challenges using innovative AI
  • Leadership understands the formal and informal ecosystems
  • Automation can utilize adaptive strategies for a competitive edge
  • You can support your reimagined workforce with emerging technologies

This Forrester report with an introduction by Fujitsu, explains How to adapt when your workforce ecosystems are breaking, details the ecosystems that employees rely-on every day and gives leaders insight into how they need to make decisions that allow these ecosystems to support their reimagined workforce.
Get the report by Forrester with an introduction by Fujitsu.

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