Reinventing Customer Service

How post-pandemic service teams are using Slack to reshape the discipline.

The upheavals of 2020 will have a long-term impact on the way we work. Slack have created an opportunity for every organisation to embrace better ways of
working – approaches that combine the best of what we had before with the new,
more efficient processes discovered during lockdown.

This is especially true for customer service teams. The overnight move to
completely remote working disrupted many service processes and call centres.
But they also exposed new ways to think about service delivery and how best to
support the people who do such important work.

Big challenges lie ahead – key among them being how to respond to
skyrocketing customer expectations, while reinventing the way service and
support teams operate.

Five themes dominate the new world of work. To understand what the new world might look like, Slack talked to business leaders across disciplines, industries and countries about what comes next. Five big
themes emerged (explored in our ebook “Reinventing Work”) – and they apply to
just about every organisation.

In this guide, you will look at what these changes mean for service leaders and show
how customer service teams around the world are helping their organisations
meet new challenges with Slack.

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