Reinventing Sales

How sales teams are using Slack to unlock greater revenue in the new world of work

The upheavals of 2020 will have a long-term impact on the way we work. Slack have created an opportunity for every organization to find a better way of working –
one that combines the best of what was done before with efficient new ways developed during the work-from-home (WFH) period.

For sales leaders, it’s meant finding new ways of operating in a hybrid work world, new ways of connecting with clients, forging customer relationships, building loyalty and trust with prospects, generating leads, educating prospective buyers, negotiating deals, motivating sales teams, rallying account support and meeting targets. And all that in a world where more people – both internally and on the customer side-work remotely more of the time.

Five themes dominate the new world. To get a better view of the new world of work, Slack talked to business and sales leaders across industries and countries about what comes next. Five big themes emerged from our discussions (explored in this e-book) – and they apply to just about every organization.

In this guide, you will look at what these themes mean for sales leaders and show how sales organizations at some of the world’s most successful companies are adapting to the new world of work with Slack.

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