Reinventing Work in Development Teams

How software teams use Slack to stay productive and engaged in a WFH world

Software engineering teams were often among the best placed to adjust to
2020’s shift to working from home (WFH). While colleagues in other parts of the
enterprise had to get to grips fast with remote collaboration and asynchronous
work, many development teams were already embracing more flexible ways
of working-whether they were in co-located DevOps or distributed
engineering teams.

As we move into a new world of work, those development teams have the chance
to take a leadership role. The agile processes that serve software engineering well
can become a template for a new style of work across the whole business. And the
tools that software teams use to stay aligned and productive can bring new levels
of efficiency to everyone in the organisation.
The power of Slack to move work forward efficiently.

This guide is about one of those tools. Today thousands of software engineering
teams around the world use Slack as their central collaboration platform to stay
connected, work productively and align around common goals.

If your team isn’t among them, this guide will give you a good sense of what Slack
can do. And if your team is using Slack, it will show how you could help the rest of
your organisation to work more efficiently with Slack too.

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