Reinventing work in IT

How IT leaders are using Slack to unlock the full potential of their people and tools

The upheavals of 2020 will have a long-term impact on the way we work. Slack created an opportunity for every organisation to find a better way of working – one that combines the best of what was done before with efficient new methods developed during the work-from-home (WFH) period.

IT leaders are a driving force in establishing that “better way” – by identifying the tools and systems that will allow the whole business to thrive and guiding the organisation to make the best use of them. And as it will show in this guide, many
are finding that channel-based collaboration with Slack is an ideal fit for the new
hybrid and asynchronous way of working.

Five themes dominate the new world.To get a better view of the new world of work, Slack talked to business and IT leaders
across industries and countries about what comes next. Five big themes emerged
from those discussions (explored in this e-book) – and they apply
to just about every organisation.

In this guide, you will look at what these themes mean for IT decision makers and
show how lT teams around the world are helping their organisations meet new
challenges with Slack.

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