Return to work: What the new normal will look like post-pandemic (free PDF)

COVID-19 completely upended the traditional approach to working. As the economy begins to re-open post-pandemic, the new normal of work, business travel, and office space is being redefined and discovered across industries.

What will the post-COVID-19 workplace look like? What role will technology play as workers return to office spaces?

This free PDF download from TechRepublic explores how workforces will operate, what future work spaces will look like, and what technology’s role will be in these transitions post-pandemic.

In the download:

  • Tech leaders on how to transition from “survive” mode to “thrive” as states reopen
  • Over half of US SMBs plan to maintain remote working for employees
  • Upwork report foreshadows a future remote workforce loaded with independent roles
  • The new normal: What should you expect when you return to office life?
  • Consumer Technology Association predicts future of tech industry post-pandemic
  • Report: Working from home is the new normal, but cybersecurity isn’t keeping up
  • The role of digital tools in a post-pandemic world
  • New products target workplace safety needs post-pandemic
  • The “next normal” workplace needs to focus on employee well-being, digitization
  • What business travel will look like in the new normal

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