Samsung Bixby 2.0: An insider’s guide (free PDF)

Bixby 2.0 reflects Samsung’s goal of creating its own ecosystem of connected devices and services. This ebook details the shift from mere digital assistant and looks at what it may mean for customers, developers, and manufacturers.

From the ebook:

When Samsung launched its Bixby digital assistant with the Galaxy S8, some basic features were missing, and they were slow to arrive. On top of that, Bixby was installed alongside the well-established Google Assistant, prompting questions as to whether it was really necessary to add another digital assistant to an already crowded market.

Samsung may have realized Bixby’s shortcomings as a digital assistant, but with Bixby 2.0 the Korean tech giant is hardly backing down. Bixby 2.0 is the lead element of Samsung’s bid to build its own ecosystem of connected devices and services.

The new Bixby strategy is vastly different from what came before it, which is why we’ve chosen to publish this ebook to accompany our original Bixby smart person’s guide, which focuses more on its digital assistant features. This ebook is a quick introduction to the latest version of Samsung’s digital assistant and its new ecosystem.

Executive summary
What is Bixby 2.0? Bixby 2.0 is the latest version of Samsung’s digital assistant. The new version will focus more on Samsung’s IoT and connected tech strategy, as evidenced by the announcement of the new Galaxy Home Bixby-powered smart speaker.

Why does Bixby 2.0 matter? Samsung is aiming to create an ecosystem like the one powered by Amazon Alexa. Whether it will be able to compete remains to be seen, but Samsung’s wide range of appliances and products will give it an early advantage.

Who does Bixby 2.0 affect? Bixby 2.0 will affect Samsung customers as well as developers who want to integrate their products with the Bixby ecosystem. Samsung has opened the Bixby platform to developers with the release of the Bixby SDK, which means it will likely affect hardware manufacturers considering which ecosystems to integrate with as well.

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