Secure Anywhere. Protect Users Everywhere. (German)

The world of work has changed — radically. With more users working from anywhere, security gaps are widening.

IT teams have less visibility while employees have more control than ever before over the applications they use, and where they use them. Many of those applications have moved to the cloud, allowing remote and roaming employees to connect directly to those applications and bypass the VPN.

With critical infrastructure, applications, and sensitive data now stored in the cloud, attackers have even more incentive to target endpoints as their easiest point of entry. With ransomware on the rise, and more branch offices having direct-to-internet access, the question remains:

Why are we treating today’s new challenges with yesterday’s approach to security? Security can’t wait. It’s time to take action.

Find out now how you can get the first and last lines of defense for today’s threats, anywhere users go.

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