Simple Word tips guaranteed to save you time (free PDF)

Mastering a few easy tricks can streamline your Word tasks, whether it’s documenting keyboard shortcuts or adding custom galleries to the Ribbon for fast access. This ebook collects eight time-saving techniques to speed your work and help you get the results you’re after.

From the ebook:

Most of us use Word’s Spelling & Grammar feature a lot. Checking normal text is easy and uneventful. But if your document contains numerous instances of text that isn’t in Word’s dictionary, the process can be slow and tedious. You can sigh through it all and click Ignore Once, Ignore All into oblivion. Or you can reduce unnecessary stops using one of the four methods I’ll show you in this article.

I’m using Word 2016 (desktop) on a Windows 10 64-bit system. You won’t need a demonstration file. Spelling & Grammar is available in the browser version to run a basic spell-check, but none of these methods for skipping text will work.

Skip email addresses and URLs
Word is flexible enough to interpret email addresses and URLs correctly, but they won’t be in Word’s dictionary. Consequently, Word will stop at each one. If that’s as annoying to you as it is to me, you can disable this behavior as follows:

  • Click the File tab and choose Options.
  • Select Proofing in the left pane.
  • In the When Correcting Spelling In Microsoft Office Programs section, check the Ignore Internet And File Addresses option (Figure A).
  • Click OK.

This change affects all Office documents, not just the current Word document.

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