Special report: From cloud to edge: The next IT transformation (free PDF)

The combination of 5G and edge computing will unleash new capabilities, from real-time analytics to automation to self-driving cars and trucks. This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, offers a comprehensive look at how this transformation is occurring.

From the ebook:

Increasing numbers of organizations are gathering and analysing data at the edge of their networks in their quest to improve day-to-day operations.

Whether its for predictive maintenance on lifts and aircraft, or analysing data collected to keep oil rigs running smoothly, companies are using using low-powered edge devices to collect huge volumes of data.

While this data was typically sent to a central datacenter for analysis, as the volume of data being collected at the edge has increased, so has the need to analyze and prune this data close to where it’s collected.

However, deploying devices to the edge of a network can pose some unique challenges for businesses.

Why you might want to engage in edge computing
The reasons for shifting data processing and analytics to the edge of your network go beyond resolving issues of insufficient bandwidth or limited connectivity, according to Bob Gill, research VP and agenda manager in Gartner’s infrastructure strategies group.

He points out that companies should consider a edge computing setup where there is a need for devices to act upon data in realtime or near-realtime, and the time taken to send that data to the cloud for processing would be an issue.

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