Special report: The rise of Industrial IoT (free PDF)

As the global infrastructure is increasingly linked via sensors, machine learning, and analytics, the Industrial Internet of Things is having a powerful impact on business and industry. This ebook, based on the most recent ZDNet and TechRepublic special feature, explores the rise of the digital twin, the new leaders in industrial IoT, and case studies that highlight present and future IIoT deployments.

From the ebook:

The Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, refers to the billions of industrial devices—anything from the machines in a factory to the engines inside an aeroplane—that are filled with sensors, connected to wireless networks, and gathering and sharing data. The advent of tiny low cost sensors and high-bandwidth wireless networks now means even the smallest devices can be connected up, given a level of digital intelligence that allows them to be monitored and tracked, and can share data on their status and communicate with other devices. All of this data can then be collected and analysed to make business processes more efficient.

The IIoT is important because of its potential to enable faster and better decision making. The change that the IIoT can bring is also closely related to the digital transformation projects that many businesses are working on.

By providing extremely detailed data in real time, the IIoT can help companies understand their business processes better and, by analysing the data coming from sensors, can make their processes more efficient and even open up new revenue streams. The IIoT can also give them an insight into the broader supply chain, which will allow businesses to coordinate and create further efficiencies.

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