Tech gifts under $50: The top holiday picks (free PDF)

If you’re trying to keep your gift budget within reasonable limits, the items in this ebook can help. From plug-and-play games to portable chargers to wireless sport headphones, these gifts should please your recipients without breaking the bank.

EchoGear Outlet Shelf
This EchoGear outlet shelf is ideal for anything up to 10 lbs that you need to plug into an outlet. It’s a perfect fit for the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot or Google Home or Google Home Mini. $14.99

MyCharge portable charger
MyCharge’s GoBig 6000mAh portable charger for smartphones has a compact, slim design. It includes two built-in USB ports and 2.4A output so it’s perfect for charging two devices simultaneously. $29.99

Tile Mate
The Tile Mate tracker with Bluetooth is an easy and inexpensive way to keep track of your keys, wallet, or anything else you don’t want to lose. $25

TigerLight DAD 2 Defense Alert Device
TigerLight’s D.A.D. 2 (Defense Alert Device) offers a way to stay safe. It has non-lethal pepper spray, a strobe light, and an independently powered Bluetooth module that activates a mobile app sending a GPS danger alert worldwide to friends and family via app, email, and text. $129.99

KeySmart Leather
KeySmart Leather can turn into a cool multi-tool with the addition of accessories such as a USB drive, bottle opener, and pocket knife. $29.99 plus accessories ranging from $4.49 to $25.

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