Telemedicine, AI, and deep learning are revolutionizing healthcare (free PDF)

Emerging technologies continue to expand and improve the delivery of healthcare services. As this ebook explains, tech is enabling more personalized treatment decisions, providing care to those in remote locations, and reducing the data overload that burdens medical professionals.

From the ebook:

Technology is often blamed for taking away jobs. In the healthcare industry, radiologists—the people who read MRIs and CT scans—are worried about being replaced by algorithms. However, one type of technology may actually save healthcare jobs, particularly in rural areas: telemedicine.

Consulting with a patient via video has the potential to hit healthcare’s triple aim: better patient experience, better health overall, and lower costs. It also may keep rural hospitals in business.

“Telemedicine is great for families because no one wants a sick loved one 250 miles away,” said Mike Phillips, MD, MBA, of Intermountain Healthcare. “It’s good for hospitals because it helps them stay fiscally sound, and it’s good for local providers, who can work with experts on complicated cases.”

Phillips is the managing director at Intermountain Ventures. He was the chief of clinical and outreach services at Intermountain Healthcare previously. Intermountain is a Utah-based not-for-profit system of 23 hospitals, 170 clinics, and about 2,300 physicians.

Connect Care Pro is Intermountain’s technology platform and medical care that extends specialist care to rural hospitals. The service includes 35 telehealth programs and about 500 caregivers, and it provides basic medical care, stroke evaluation, mental health counseling, and intensive and newborn critical care.

Providers use the service at Intermountain’s 10 rural hospitals, as well as nine hospitals outside of the system. The telemedicine providers have their own command center at Intermountain’s main campus in Salt Lake City, with dozens of monitors and multiple data streams coming in for each patient. New members of the team work through numerous simulations before working with patients or other doctors remotely.

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