The 10 worst things about working from home (free PDF)

There are plenty of good things about working from home–but for every upside, there may be an equal and opposite downside. This PDF offers a look at some of the less-than-great things about toiling in your home office.

From the download:

Three years after being released from my daily commute, I find myself reflecting on some of the less appealing aspects of working from home. So I decided to stop working for a minute and jot down a few of the negative aspects I’ve begun to notice.

You get lazy
If you don’t believe me, get a pedometer and measure the number of steps you take from the time you wake up to when you go to bed. A consultant friend of mine did that for two weeks and to her horror discovered that she averaged 156 steps a day—nothing more than bathroom and fridge trips. In the office, you generally have farther to go to get food, coffee, and water and go to the bathroom. Plus, you walk to meetings, go out for a smoke break, go visit a friend.

You give in to work avoidance
On those odd days we all have, when you don’t feel like working, there is no one to make you do it. So instead of taking a vacation day, or even pretending to be sick, you waste the entire day staring at the computer, getting distracted by what the cat just hacked up in the corner, staring at the computer some more, staring into space, and then spending the entire evening feeling guilty for a wasted day.

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