The Definitive Guide to BI and Analytics on a Data Lake

Data is evolving

So it’s not surprising that the worlds of business intelligence (BI), self-service data exploration, and analytics are also in their own state of metamorphosis.

What happens when you pair these three disciplines with big data technology?

The impact has proven to drive business transformation, both for business and IT.

In their new book, The Definitive Guide to BI and Analytics on a Data Lake, authors Jim Scott and Sameer Nori examine the business potential and significant dynamics of analytics and self-service data exploration on a big data platform.

Start reading now to learn more about:

  • Why data lakes are becoming central to enterprise data architectures
  • The spectrum of analytics now possible, including:
    • self-service
    • predictive
    • in-memory
    • streaming
  • Examples of big data analytics in the real world
  • How to make big data analytics work for you

Learn how the acceptance and adoption of BI and analytics on big data is vital for the success of digital- and business-transformation initiatives in every organization.

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