Top five on-premises cloud storage options (free PDF)

If you’re looking for a good on-premises cloud storage solution, the five contenders on this list are worth checking out.

From the list:

Does your business rely on cloud storage? If so, do you outsource that to various third-parties? Would you like to be able to have at least some of your cloud offerings in house? You can. How? There are a number of viable on-premises cloud storage options available.

Let’s take a look at five of the best on the market.

Nextcloud is, hands down, the single best on-premises cloud solution you will find. Not only can Nextcloud serve as your personal private cloud solution, it’s perfectly at home in the enterprise. What makes Nextcloud so special is the ability to easily extend its feature set, with the help of the Nextcloud App Store. Install apps for productivity, multimedia, monitoring, social & communication, calendaring, encryption, data sync/share, two-factor authentication, Outlook integration, and much more.

Even without installing apps from the App Store, Nextcloud can serve as a power cloud storage solution with file sharing, unlimited storage, large file support, mobile clients for Android and iOS, auto and upload for images and video. And for those who work on an LDAP-enabled network, Nextcloud seamlessly integrates with your existing directory. Nextcloud is free to install and use. If you’re a business and need support, you can purchase a Nextcloud plan online.

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