Transportation trends: Self-driving vehicles, hyperloop, cars communicating with crosswalks, AI, and more (free PDF)

Faster transportation services; cars communicating with other vehicles, traffic lights and crosswalks; and using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve driver safety are just a few examples of the transportation trends heading to our roadways.

The global market for autonomous vehicles is zooming ahead at full speed, spurring a race to develop the best technology for the cars, inspiring collaborations between technology companies and automakers, and pushing countries across the globe to develop and implement regulation measures.

A number of cities around the country–and around the world—have taken measures to help make movement easier for critical workers, such as creating new bike lanes, retooling traffic signals, suspending transit fares, and closing some streets to vehicle traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about these transportation trends and others in this free PDF download from TechRepublic.

In the download:

  • Midwest HyperLoop pod could go from Chicago to Pittsburgh in an hour for under $100
  • How the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the face of transportation in cities
  • Interest in autonomous vehicles and delivery drones grows during COVID-19 pandemic
  • 1 in 10 vehicles will be autonomous by 2030
  • Smart traffic system will clear intersections for emergency vehicles in Columbus
  • MIT system helps predict people’s driving personalities
  • Via app launches in Cupertino for shared shuttle service
  • And more!

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