What Attacks aren’t you Seeing?

Why DNS-layer security needs to be your starting point for the best defense against threats.

Today’s IT professionals must guard not only against known threats like ransomware, but also unpleasant new relatives like Emotet, malicious cryptomining, and targeted attacks on specific industries like financial services, manufacturing, and education.

Over the past year, the Cisco Umbrella Global Network has seen a seismic shift in the threat landscape with the explosive growth of malicious cryptomining. This threat is spreading across the internet like wildfire and is being delivered through multiple vectors, including email, web, and active exploitation.

With Cisco Umbrella, you can simplify daily management, embrace DIA, and gain the following benefits:

  • End gaps in visibility and control
  • Unite multiple, disparate systems
  • Gain consistent policy enforcement
  • Support and scale limited security resources
  • Find out more about Cisco Umbrella which provides security that is open, automated, and simple to use.

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