Windows 10 May 2019 Update: 10 notable new features (free PDF)

The next release of Windows 10 doesn’t include an avalanche of new features, but what it offers should make life easier for users. This ebook runs through 10 of the most noteworthy additions.

From the ebook:

After the problems with the 1809 release, Microsoft is being rather more cautious with the next semi-annual release of Windows 10. The release preview has been available since early April and it will stay in preview for longer than usual—until late May, when the 18-month support period will begin. It will also give users more control over when they install the update.

Getting an option for Download And Install Now in Windows Update and the ability to pause updates for seven days at a time should remove a lot of frustration. There are a handful of welcome improvements as well: the ability to uninstall more of the inbox apps, enhancements to the modern print dialogue, an icon that appears when any applications are using the device microphone, tamper protection that ensures changes to the Windows Security app are made only through the Windows Security app, and suggestions for fixes that Windows can automatically apply to address problems. But perhaps because of the focus on quality or the shorter support lifecycle for spring releases, Windows 10 1903 has fewer major new features than 1809.

Here are the ones you’ll likely want to upgrade for.

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