IBM SolutionsConnect Invitation 2015 – Seize the Moment. Dive Into Next Generation Technologies

IBM invites you to attend SolutionsConnect 2015, an event focused on the evolution of technology and its impact on enterprises. This exclusive event will focus on how Enterprise Innovation can be achieved with the integration of the various systems in place to derive insights and foster engagement in a dynamic Infrastructure environment. Take a look at the host of sessions planned for you to deepen your understanding of the new dynamics shaping IT.

  • Change the Game with Analytics: Discover how analytics can help you make decisions and provide a competitive advantage that is so critical in this always-connected operating environment and earn you a seat at the table like it did for the Australian Open Tennis IT team.
  • Collaboration Technologies – A New Way to Work: Social Business is more than a trendy phrase. It’s about taking real steps to put people at the center of your business. IBM Social Collaboration software offers an integrated set of tools that enable real-time knowledge sharing, increased productivity and faster innovation. Join us for a morning dedicated to Social Collaboration at IBM Solution Connect 2015 and see how your company can amplify the value of human connections.
  • Cloud Designed for Business: Create your Cloud Blueprint and join our leading global technology experts to learn how to Build, Manage and Secure your Hybrid Cloud, based on real world customer business scenarios and challenges

Register for SolutionsConnect 2015 today to see how you can take the lead with IBM.

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