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With the nature of work changing so rapidly, organizations are rethinking their teamwork strategy. The challenges of managing a distributed supply chain, improving the employee talent base, globalization, and revenue growth and innovation are all prompting organizations to improve teamwork. Many organizations are relying on virtual teams spread across locations and different departments, including partner, supplier, or customer organizations.

Cisco Collaboration Solutions can help your teams improve decision-making, create new levels of innovation, and enhance business productivity. These solutions optimize team performance and improve business agility, sharing information across groups, partnerships, and geographies. They help unlock breakthrough ideas and reduce costs, allowing organizations to:

  • Build trust and strengthen relationships across groups, generations, time zones, and cultures, using video communications
  • Encourage participation, share expertise, and transfer knowledge, through interactive communities
  • Accelerate decision-making, by helping coworkers, partners, or customers communicate in real time through their preferred method: instant messaging, voicemail, or mobile device
  • Locate experts to generate and gather new, innovative ideas within and outside the organization, improving the pace and quality of business innovation using interactive communities or instant messaging
  • Scale resources and budget by meeting more frequently, using voice, video, and web conferencing

Most organizations with distributed team members find that it is cost-prohibitive to meet in person, and are held back due to a lack of compatible technology. However, a workflow built on Cisco Collaboration Solutions builds trust across time zones and cultures. Companies such as an international retailer, a major manufacturer, and a charity organization have all benefited from using these solutions to reduce travel, training, and operating costs, while improving productivity and time to market.

“We want to exploit the technology available to help us collaborate even more effectively. By using (Cisco) solutions, we are empowered to move closer towards our vision of a world in which people do not die of AIDS.”
-International HIV/AIDS Alliance, a charity organization

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