Conferencing Loud & Clear

We spend hours in phone conferences with colleagues, clients, and customers every day, but poor sound quality can turn a productive collaboration into a time-wasting drag. Next-generation conference phones deliver whole-room coverage and crystal-clear audio that keeps participants engaged.

Have you ever dialed into a conference call, only to find some participants too loud and others nearly inaudible? We all have, and the toll it takes on productivity has to be multiplied by the number of workers and the number of minutes wasted. The audio conferencing market is growing every year, even as workers complain about sound quality in survey after survey. The best way to address this challenge is with next-generation conference room phones – models that include wireless microphones for whole-room coverage and digital tuning features that deliver superlative sound.

Download this infographic to learn more about:

  • The fast-growing market for audio and high-definition voice applications
  • How important audio quality is to conference call participants
  • How much poor-quality audio can cost a company in lost productivity
  • What to look for in a next-generation conference phone solution

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