AppSec and software supply chain security for engineers

As the velocity of cloud application development increases and software supply chains become more complex with increasing reliance on open source packages, traditional security scanning techniques such as static analysis and manual inspection are no longer sufficient to address security risks throughout the development process.

In this webinar, you’ll get guidance for implementing security scanning and validation across stages in your CI/CD pipelines, securing your software supply chain, and tools and techniques to help you deliver safe and resilient cloud applications.

You will learn how to

  • Implement security checks throughout your CI/CD pipelines to identify and address vulnerabilities ensuring safety in increasingly automated release cycles
  • Continuously validate the security and trustworthiness of your software supply chain to protect against weaknesses in open source codebases
  • Ensure your AppSec approach provides coverage across cloud environments, infrastructure-as-code, and container images
  • Use tools and techniques from AWS and AWS Marketplace, such as CloudBees, Snyk, and Nirmata, to secure your software supply chain and delivery process

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