Value as a Service: How cloud-based spend management takes you way beyond ERP

Even though controlling spending is a top priority for almost all operations, good spend management has historically been difficult to implement, especially in an M&A environment where two or more systems must be reconciled. With today’s cloud-driven advances, however, procurement managers can enjoy the same kind of cloud and browser-centric solution for spend management that sales and support managers need for relationship management.

A cloud layer built over ERPs can enable suppliers and users to spend and manage procurement and expenses from a single point of contact. Cloud-based spend management can be integrated with an ERP for source-to-contract, procure-to-pay, as a front end for suppliers, or even as a front end for customers – providing a unified fit-for-purpose spend management environment without all the complications of managing multiple ERP environments.

CBS Interactive is proud to present “Value as a Service: How cloud-based spend management takes you way beyond ERP,” a detailed, executive-level guide that can help you transform how your organization manages spending and suppliers.

  • Learn how to achieve digital acceleration by creating a spend management environment where both your employees and suppliers want to participate
  • Explore ways you can reduce your overall compliance workload
  • Discover how you can cut through the fog and see the truth about your spending practices and your suppliers

Don’t miss “Value as a Service: How cloud-based spend management takes you way beyond ERP.” Reading this short and informative guide will show you what’s possible with cloud-based spend management and how your organization can derive value, bottom-line savings, and visibility into all aspects of your spend.

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