Servers, switches, and storage are still the foundation of your enterprise, and next-gen high-performance equipment is key for 21st century business. You can find expert guidance and thought leadership here.

  • Hardware spotlight: The Raspberry Pi

    Ebooks // Sep 2016 // provided by Tech Pro Research

    The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, ultra-cheap computer—and it has taken the world by storm. This ebook offers an overview of what this little board can do and how it’s being put to use. From the ebook: The Raspberry Pi was created as an affordable machine that would ...

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  • How The PC Has Evolved To Help Your Organization Become Future-Ready

    Ebooks // Aug 2016 // provided by Dell

    PCs have been the core productivity tool for organizations for years, but the workforce and technology trends are changing dramatically. With Windows 10, hypermobile employees, and increasing security threats, it’s more critical than ever for IT to understand how the latest PCs have evolved to tackle these challenges. ...

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  • IT Performance Management Handbook for CIOs

    Ebooks // Jan 2015 // provided by Virtual Instruments

    Over the course of years, most operations manage to patch together all of the disparate systems that provide line-of-business support. While many organizations migrate older systems to newer solutions regularly, every business always has a mix of legacy systems that must interoperate with more modern tech. Any years-old environment is ...

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  • Agile in the Embedded World

    Ebooks // Jul 2014 // provided by IBM

    The agile approach is unique in that it focuses on the important aspects of the development process: the people and the artifacts - software and hardware. Learn how Agile encourages developers to be more iterative, team-oriented, self-improving and customer focused.

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  • Liberate Your Commerce Platform without Selling the Family Farm

    Ebooks // Apr 2014 // provided by Acquia

    This ebook offers a possible solution to businesses that already have made big investments in enterprise commerce platforms, but that also struggle to keep up with the quickly changing landscape of shopping experiences and business models. Drupal’s flexibility, scalability, and rapid deployment capability make it possible to build shiny ...

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  • Mobile Security: How an Organization Can Control Growing Threats with Mobile Device Management

    Ebooks // Feb 2014 // provided by LabTech Software

    From smartphones to tablets, as the popularity of mobile devices grows, the opportunity for security breaches grows as well, placing a new burden on IT departments. By providing mobile device management, IT professionals can ensure their organization remains protected from mobile security threats. Download the Mobile Security: Controlling Growing Threats ...

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  • Converged Infrastructure for Dummies - 2.0

    Ebooks // Feb 2014 // provided by Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    In a world where everything is mobile, interactive, connected, immediate, and fluid, organizations need an IT infrastructure that enables agile and rapid service delivery while driving out costs. That's exactly what is achieved with the HP Converged Infrastructure strategy and approach- simplifying and aligning IT to the speed of the ...

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  • Do more with your data.

    Ebooks // Nov 2013 // provided by IBM

    IBM’s innovative portfolio of data management software and systems helps clients do more with less – and use data as a secret weapon in the competitive battle.

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  • Real World Considerations for Implementing Desktop Virtualization eBook

    Ebooks // Jul 2013 // provided by VMware

    Are you considering extending the success of your server virtualization deployment to your desktops? Read this comprehensive eBook for introductory information on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including the pros and cons of VDI, as well how to ensure a successful implementation.

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  • Finally, a tablet with a work ethic

    Ebooks // Mar 2013 // provided by HP US

    You want to work the way that best suits you, whatever your profession, wherever you are. You're working outside the traditional office more than ever. In business, you now desire the same easy-to-use device that you use at home, a desire that has ignited the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement. You're not ...

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