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  • Powering Digital Intelligence with Cloud Analytics

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    One of the biggest hurdles for many corporate leaders when it comes to cloud is the security of their data. To address this, cloud vendors and customers are working together to meet unique needs for security and compliance. Download this Harvard Business Review paper, “Powering Digital Intelligence with Cloud Analytics”, ...

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  • Gartner Magic Quadrant Ranks 2017 Global Digital Marketing Agencies

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    As demands from customers expand, particularly in the delivery of data-driven, customer-centric initiatives that enhance customer experience and drive revenue, so do the demands organizations place on their agency partners. Selecting the right global marketing agency for your organization has never been more important. This report is go-to source for ...

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  • 5 Myths About Cloud Backup

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by NetApp

    What prevents companies from embracing cloud-based data protection the same way they have embraced other cloud applications? Read on as we identify and dispel the top five myths that keep organizations from improving their backup and recovery operations with cloud-integrated solutions According to ESG, IT leader's top ...

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  • Modern Workplace Chief Digital Officer

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by Microsoft Corporation

    Watch this episode of Modern Workplace and learn how to build a strategy that will help start your organization's digital transformation. Overcome generational and cultural gaps in your team Build strategies to make a digital transformation that is ethical and inclusive Overcome technological roadblocks

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  • Aberdeen Brief: Finding Visibility in Supply Chain and Manufacturing

    Ebooks // Dec 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Read the Aberdeen Knowledge Brief Finding Visibility in the Supply Chain and Manufacturing In this Knowledge Brief you will discover: The critical need for higher efficiency Why best-in-class manufacturers are at the top How technology can help your organization

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  • HP PageWide Pro

    Videos // Nov 2017 // provided by Hewlett-Packard (HP)

    Introducing HP’s line of A3 PageWide pro printers and MFPs—the next generation of printing with PageWide technology. Save up to 40% on your color cost per page, versus laser printers, while printing faster than other color MFPs in their class. So you get high performance without compromise. Get the best-in-class ...

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  • 10 Things Your Next Firewall Must Do

    White Papers // Nov 2017 // provided by Palo Alto Networks

    "Your network is more complex than ever before. Your employees are accessing any application they want, using work or personal devices. Oftentimes, these applications span both personal and work-related usage, but the business and security risks are often ignored. Prospective employees are asking about application usage policies before accepting a ...

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  • The Future Starts Now: Transforming finance functions using cloud based technologies

    White Papers // Oct 2017 // provided by Workday

    In this Whitepaper, 'The Future Starts Now', PwC reveals how cloud-based technology enables true finance transformation. While traditional on-premise platforms struggle to adapt to the new world of finance, a cloud-based finance system focuses on speed, agility, cost, and insights. Read the PwC Whitepaper and discover: ...

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  • The GDPR Handbook

    White Papers // Oct 2017 // provided by Proofpoint

    After years of negotiations, the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will come into effect on 25 May 2018, replacing the 22-year-old EU Data Protection Directive. At its core, the GDPR aims to put EU residents in control of their personal data. It regulates how their ...

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  • Are You Ready For The New Era of Networking?

    White Papers // Sep 2017 // provided by Cisco Systems

    Get new services and network segments to market faster and keep your competitive edge. With Cisco DNA Center, there's no need to manually deploy and configure the network box by box. Instead, you can deploy new devices, set policy, and make configuration changes across a single network ...

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