With virtualization, mobile apps, and agile dev platforms, software increasingly defines business. Take advantage of our expert guidance for developing, managing, and monetizing software.

  • A Blueprint for an IT team that will Scale with your Business

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by ITPro.TV

    Building and managing any team is challenging, but the stakes are amped up in IT because it’s mission critical. Grab this guide to help you develop a team that will support your business’s growth long term. You’ll learn how to: Get the key roles on board Organise your ...

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  • eGuide: The CIO's Guide to Velocity

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    Businesses that evolve a rapid, customer-centric approach to application development and delivery are best positioned to innovate in their markets. These organizations can respond to market opportunities so fast that it becomes a competitive advantage. Using devops tools and services on the cloud helps teams efficiently and effectively collaborate, removing ...

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  • The Digital Workplace in the Cognitive Era

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    The most productive workplaces today are digital with applications, services and information accessible on demand from any device: smartphones, tablets and computers. Your employees expect devices and systems that are as engaging and exciting as what they experience outside of work. The emerging power of cognitive systems will provide even ...

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  • The Total Economic Impact (TEI) of IBM Mobile at Scale

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    Take a comprehensive approach to your mobile business app portfolio. IBM Mobile at Scale offers integrated services and solutions to create engaging apps. This solution provides tools and processes that combine enterprise data, analytics, and cognitive computing with an elegant user experience. Commissioned by IBM, Forrester Consulting examined the ...

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  • Forrester - Mobile: The First 100 Days

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    "Mobile: The First 100 Days" describes best practices and stories from CIOs during their first 100 days trying to transform their customer experience. It features vignettes of decision points, experiences, challenges, and accomplishments across the C-Suite. Includes listicles, quotes and stats - ideal for derivatives.

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  • On-Demand Webinar: The CIO's guide to enterprise transformation with cloud

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by IBM

    The cloud revolution is here. Five years ago, enterprises were implementing cloud primarily to streamline IT infrastructure and cut costs. Today, enterprises around the world have adopted cloud to go beyond acquiring technological agility - to power business innovation. Watch this webinar to: 1) Learn how cloud can ...

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  • The Modernization of Selling

    Videos // Jan 2018 // provided by Microsoft Corporation

    Watch this episode of Modern Workplace, The Modernization of Selling, and discover how to navigate the sales tactics that are changing the way organizations increase revenue. Learn how the LinkedIn and Microsoft partnership can change your organization’s approach to sales Get advice on how to connect with ...

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  • Transitioning from PostgreSQL to an Analytical Database for Higher Performance and Massive Scale

    White Papers // Jan 2018 // provided by Vertica

    In today’s data driven world, where effective decisions are based on a company’s ability to access information in seconds or minutes rather than hours or days, selecting the right analytical database platform is critical. If you’re struggling with analytics on PostgreSQL, read this whitepaper to learn about the criteria to ...

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  • Nimble Storage Achieves 287% ROI after Deploying Vertica

    Case Studies // Jan 2018 // provided by Vertica

    Nimble Storage deployed Vertica Analytics Platform to replace its legacy open-source database management system, PostgreSQL. As with many data management deployments, the company improved productivity and avoided additional hardware costs. However, Nimble Storage was also able to identify and close more deals, shortening their sales cycle and automating many customer ...

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  • 5 Ways to Know You Are Ready for Connected Field Service

    Ebooks // Jan 2018 // provided by Microsoft Corporation

    Is it time to jump into the future of field service? 5 ways to know you are ready for connected field service will walk you through the different stages of connected field service to help you determine if it’s the appropriate time for your organization to upgrade your field ...

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