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  • Experience Cisco Live!

    Live Event // Feb 2018 // provided by Cisco 

    From the 6th to the 9th of March 2018 we will be live streaming our Keynote sessions, Innovation Talks and Cybersecurity Insights so you don't miss out! Hear insights from Cisco executives and industry thought leaders on the technology trends and innovative capabilities that will enable your business to ...

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  • Asia Pacifc MPOWER - Cybersecurity Summit Signup

    Live Event // Jul 2017 // provided by McAfee

    You are invited to the inaugural Asia Pacific MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit in Sydney on 14 November 2017. With over 750 delegates and 30 sessions including deep dives and strategy discussions, this free event is not to be missed. Gain insights from our customers, technology partners and leading industry experts, ...

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  • Digital transformation for CIOs and the challenges in 2017

    Live Event // Apr 2017 // provided by CIO Leaders Summit

    A recent Tech Pro Research survey showed that seven out of 10 participating CIOs said they had no formal digital transformation plan. That isn't necessarily bad news for companies. What in fact has been happening is a democratization of digital transformation initiatives, with the technology being ...

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  • Asia lags behind in cybersecurity in 2017

    Live Event // Apr 2017 // provided by CISO Leaders Summit

    All industries across Asia must step up their investment in cybersecurity and do better in identifying and prosecuting cybercriminals. While some industries such as financial institutions and government traditionally had higher impetus to invest in cyber security, other organisations face higher risks as they ...

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  • Live Webcast: The Future of Meetings

    Live Event // Jul 2014 // provided by Citrix Online

    Join us for this LIVE event! Thursday, August 7, 2014 10 AM (PDT) / 1 PM (EDT) Let’s face it -- your meetings have likely gone a bit out of control. With more time allocated for gathering than for actual work, companies of all shapes and sizes are suffering from ...

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