Artificial Intelligence

  • Unified Governance & Integration: The foundation for insights and compliance

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By IBM

    The journey to AI and business-ready data begins with information architecture. Download this whitepaper and learn how: Compliance can encourage organizations to implement ongoing and beneficial data governance strategies Machine learning automates governance and integration initiatives on a large scale, overcoming the difficulties presented by large volumes of data...

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  • The Artificial Intelligence of Things

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By SAS

    Some technologies are inevitably bound together. Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are a perfect example of two technologies that complement one another and should be tightly connected. Without AI capabilities, IoT devices and the data they produce have limited value. And AI applications would struggle for...

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  • Transform your field service with IoT, AI, and mixed reality

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Microsoft

    Every field visit is a chance to either build or weaken your brand’s reputation. Turn customers into brand advocates by transitioning from a costly break-fix service model to a profitable proactive model using connected field service technology. Read this e-book to learn about the cutting-edge technologies that are revolutionizing...

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  • How can your business benefit from AI?

    Webcasts · Apr 2019 · Provided By DellEMC

    In this webcast we speak to experts Andrew Underwood, APJ Chief Technology Officer at Dell EMC and Brad Howarth, a technology researcher & author, to explore the basics of AI and what considerations need to be taken into account before embarking on an AI project. For more information on Dell...

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  • What factors need to be taken into account when exploring AI solutions?

    Webcasts · Apr 2019 · Provided By DellEMC

    When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), the gap between ambition and execution is large. Almost 85 percent of executives believe AI will allow their companies to achieve or sustain a competitive advantage, yet only about one in five companies have incorporated AI capabilities in offerings or processes.

  • Dell EMC solutions for your Artificial Intelligence journey

    Webcasts · Apr 2019 · Provided By DellEMC

    Dell EMC can meet customers no matter where they are in their Artificial Intelligence (AI) journey. With an unrivaled portfolio of modern infrastructure and AI-enabled IT solutions, including dedicated AI consulting services, Dell EMC solutions allow organizations to start small and grow according to their AI use cases, expertise and...

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  • TensorFlow: A guide for IT pros (free PDF)

    Ebooks · Apr 2019 · Provided By TechRepublic

    TensorFlow is an open source software library developed by Google for numerical computation with data flow graphs. It offers tremendous opportunities for developers building machine learning into their products. This ebook looks at what TensorFlow is, where it’s headed, and how it’s being put to work. From the ebook:...

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  • Getting Customer Satisfaction Right with AI Speech Analytics

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By NICE nexidia

    AI-driven Speech Analytics can provide critical customer-engagement insights to help you prioritize, analyze and quantify business challenges. These insights will enable your organization to implement prescriptive, data-driven recommendations to improve customer satisfaction and understand what your customer really wants.In this white paper, discover how technology advances in Speech and Language...

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  • The Insurance AI Imperative

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Cognizant

    The insurance industry - from product development to underwriting to claims - is being fundamentally transformed by AI technologies. Although some companies are investing aggressively in AI to slash costs while also enhancing the customer experience, most insurers will need to accelerate their efforts or risk discovering that it...

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  • Through Thick and Thin: Making AI Work in the Real World

    White Papers · Apr 2019 · Provided By Cognizant

    Algorithms have been essential to business since long before artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, algorithms are merely the digital representations of the competitive differentiators built into every business. A retailer’s focus on low price is an algorithm. So is a manufacturer’s practice of sourcing top-quality raw materials, or an...

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