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  • Finance and HR: The Cloud’s New Power Partnership

    Research // Dec 2017 // provided by Oracle

    Migrating finance and HR systems to the cloud improves collaboration and saves more than expected. A recent global survey conducted by MIT Technology Review Custom—in partnership with Oracle—explores the motivations, benefits, and rewards that result from deploying finance and HR systems to the cloud.

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  • Advance to Next-generation ERP with Cloud Applications

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Oracle

    More than three-quarters of business leaders report that their ERP systems aren’t addressing their current needs, let alone preparing them for the future. To meet the challenges and leverage the opportunities of the digital economy and evolving technologies, companies are modernizing their ERP systems. That’s where cloud applications come in. ...

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  • It’s Time to Rethink Your Data Protection

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Symantec

    The cloud is here to stay. And that means data will remain mobile and people can access it from virtually anywhere. To compete in today’s digital world, you must share sensitive information outside your organization. You also need to share data with external users while it remains protected and simple ...

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  • Why you need an Information Centric Security model for the GDPR

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Symantec

    Information Centric Security helps enabling compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by delivering comprehensive data protection strategy that gives out-of-the-box GDPR policies, verifiable protection of sensitive data in managed and unmanaged environment and investigation analysis to respond to a data breach fast.

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  • What does best-in-class security and compliance look like?

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Box

    The rise of mobility, cloud services and service-oriented platforms have created immense value for IT and end users. But adapting security controls to protect sensitive information in a decentralized architecture has proven difficult. As a result, the modern business is burdened with challenges like insecure devices and file sharing, data ...

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  • Embrace modern IT with Microsoft 365 Powered Device

    Webcasts // Dec 2017 // provided by Microsoft

    The Microsoft 365 Powered Device offers a new way to deliver a modern, cloud-powered platform complete with advanced security intelligence. In this webinar, you’ll get an in-depth demo of M365 Powered Devices and see why it’s: Easy to deploy and manage Always up-to-date for maximized reliability and ...

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  • The C-Suite Guide to Shared Responsibility for Cloud Security

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by AWS

    Shared Responsibility makes a clear distinction between security of the cloud and the security in the cloud. If you think of the cloud as a warehouse that contains your data, we own and control that warehouse. We keep it in a safe location ...

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  • The Data-Safe Cloud

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by AWS

    One of the challenges of moving to the cloud is managing multiple stakeholders in an organization with varying levels of enthusiasm for a cloud adoption journey. Understanding the unique benefits of a secure cloud is the first step towards addressing the concerns of security ...

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  • How to Manage Change when Moving to the Cloud

    White Papers // Dec 2017 // provided by Box

    Moving from legacy to cloud infrastructure is a huge win for business, but the process requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture and business processes both inside and outside IT. In fact, managing this change may be the biggest challenge your company faces when moving to the cloud, unless you're ...

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  • Maximising Security and Minimising Overheads with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Cloud

    Downloads // Dec 2017 // provided by Kaspersky Lab

    Being prepared before something goes wrong has always been the best plan, however, if you can’t find or can’t afford additional talent, maximising the ability of existing staff by taking the complexity out of their jobs is a good idea. Additionally, ease of outsourcing can help maximise value while ensuring ...

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