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  • Citrix Tools as a Service (TaaS) Introduction Webinar

    Podcasts · Jul 2011 · Provided By Citrix Systems

    In this podcast, the speaker will give an introduction about the new Citrix Support initiative Tools as a Service (TaaS). The speaker also explains an overview of the initiative, why it's important to their customers/partners and what their plans are for the future.

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  • Deliver Cloud Hosted Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS)

    Podcasts · Jun 2011 · Provided By Citrix Systems

    Cloud hosted desktops or Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is rapidly moving up the value chain for Cloud Service Providers (CSP). DaaS is a tremendous opportunity for service providers to expand beyond traditional service offerings email, web portals, etc.

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  • CloudPortal Services Managerfor Microsoft Applications

    Podcasts · Apr 2011 · Provided By Citrix Systems

    In this podcast, the speaker will explain about the CloudPortal Services Manager and learn about how it will help the user host a range of Microsoft applications. The speaker also explains the full whitelabel/channel support and trial account management.

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  • Controlling the Cloud-Introducing CloudPortal Services Manager

    Podcasts · Apr 2011 · Provided By Citrix Systems

    In this podcast, the speaker will give an Introduction to CloudPortal Services Manager and learn its benefits and how it will fit into the users hosting business. It explores the business needs that control panels solve and the benefits it provides.

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  • XenServer: What is Server Virtualization?

    Podcasts · Mar 2011 · Provided By Citrix Systems

    Citrix XenServer is an industry and value leading open-source virtualization platform for managing cloud, server and desktop virtual infrastructures. Citrix XenServer gives the user everything their need to integrate, manage, and automate a virtual datacenter.

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  • Risk Perception and Trust in Cloud

    Podcasts · Jan 2011 · Provided By

    In this podcast, the speaker explain an introduction to the cloud and some of its advantages and disadvantages. It discusses the role of risk perception and trust in security and privacy challenges of the cloud. It also makes recommendations addressing these challenges. Many companies today are paying attention to cloud...

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  • Cloud Independence with Dasein Cloud

    Podcasts · Jul 2010 · Provided By O'Reilly

    Dasein Cloud is an open source java API that enables write-once, run against any cloud programming. With Dasein Cloud, the users' can run the same application across any number of supported clouds without any need for a recompile. This developer-oriented webinar will demonstrate how to get started building cloud-independent applications...

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  • Cloud Computing and Security: Can't We All Just Get Along?

    Podcasts · May 2010 · Provided By O'Reilly

    In this podcast, the speaker will offer a framework to analyze security issues, and present a set of best practices toward implementing security in cloud-based applications. Security is considered the primary barrier to cloud computing adoption. Therefore, focusing attention toward minimizing security risks offers the potential for increasing cloud computing...

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  • Cloud Security Deep Dive

    Podcasts · Jan 2010 · Provided By O'Reilly

    In this podcast, the speakers explore a deep dive into cloud security issues and focus on three specific aspects: data security; identity management in the cloud and governance in the cloud (in the context of managing a cloud service provider with respect to security obligations).

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  • Cloud Security And Privacy

    Podcasts · Sep 2009 · Provided By

    In this podcast, the speaker will explain the cloud computing SPI delivery model and its impact on various aspects of enterprise information security (e.g., infrastructure, data, identity and access management, security management), privacy, and compliance. Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) and the impact of cloud computing on corporate IT is also discussed.

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