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  • Russian Cyber Threat Groups - Could they compromise your Twitter Handle?

    Webcasts · Nov 2015 · Provided By FireEye

    Cyber threat groups frequently design innovative ways to cover their tracks. In early 2015, a new malware emerged, which the analysts are calling HAMMERTOSS, from an advanced persistent threat (APT) group. The Russian attacker group that FireEye knows as APT29, employs HAMMERTOSS to compromise its targets. Using a variety of...

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  • HDS Video: Does Your Enterprise Cloud Measure Up?

    Webcasts · Apr 2015 · Provided By Hitachi Data Systems

    According to IDC, spending on cloud services will surpass $125 billion by 2018, as enterprises seek to reduce IT costs, increase agility, and take advantage of new opportunities like mobility, big data and the Internet of Things. In many cases, however, the push to the cloud is coming from outside...

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  • Real Experiences: Transforming Application Delivery for Continuous Innovation

    Webcasts · Apr 2015 · Provided By IBM

    Key Takeaways: Learn from real experiences in transforming large organizations for increased speed and quality using a DevOps approach. Explore the characteristics and behavior of fast-moving companies, based on hundreds of assessments, interviews and implementations. Begin a self-assessment designed to give you a better understanding of your organization's readiness and...

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  • Conquer Cloud Chaos with MatrixCloud

    Webcasts · Mar 2015 · Provided By Tangoe

    Did you know the average enterprise utilizes over 450 cloud applications. (Source: Netscope) That is often nine or 10 times the number of apps the IT group estimates they use! Clearly that paints a startling picture of a chaos surrounding cloud in many organizations, where employees in need of solutions...

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  • 5 Tips From Intuit For Implementing Static Code Analysis

    Webcasts · Jul 2014 · Provided By Coverity

    Poor software quality has become one of the most expensive topics in human history with costs exceeding $500 billion per year worldwide. However, 97% of software defects can be removed through code review, static analysis and unit testing. Learn how the implementation of static analysis at Intuit led to reduced...

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  • Webinar: Workday 20 Webinar

    Webcasts · May 2014 · Provided By Workday

    Workday announces the arrival of Workday Big Data Analytics in Workday 2.0. Watch the webinar to learn how this powerful new application lets you combine Workday data with multiple non-Workday data sources to get more comprehensive insight and lets you run your business your way.

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  • Webinar: Workday 21

    Webcasts · May 2014 · Provided By Workday

    Workday 21 introduces a brand-new user experience with a clean, new look and even greater usability. With 246 new features and 67 of these coming from customer suggestions, this update demonstrates the continued influence our customers have in the development of Workday. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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  • Cloud Webinar: Creating Outstanding Customer Experiences

    Webcasts · Jan 2014 · Provided By Adapt

    How do you ensure great customer service? Adaptable demand management? Quickest delivery times? Best customer experience? Sign up for our upcoming webinar now to find out how, Gondola Group (owners of Pizza Express, Zizzi, Ask), and fancy dress manufacturer and retailer, Smiffy’s tackle these questions with the support of...

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  • Watch the Gartner Webcast to learn how fabrics reduce complexity

    Webcasts · Jan 2014 · Provided By Brocade

    Banish network complexity with expert input. In this Gartner Webcast, you’ll discover best practices for transitioning to a fabric-based network and how to find the networking vendor that best suits your business. Also learn how GEHA improved service delivery for more than one million subscribers with Ethernet fabrics.

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